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Welcome to our oil painting catalog.  All of our oils are hand painted by real artists, not transferred from print to canvas.  Since these are hand done, there may be some variance between the picture and the actual product.  This is part of the beauty of originals, but if you don't like it, we will gladly accept it back.  In fact, we'll pay the postage.  policy.

We also have different pricing to those in the trade and those who are not.  If you are in the trade, please register so that we can set up your account.  The price discounting is significant!

Stretching (mounting the loose canvas to a wood frame for support) is included in our price.   Please keep in mind that stretching greatly increases the shipping cost.  Stretching can be done at most frame shops in your local area, so let us know if you would like us to ship items unstretched.  We will credit your account after you place your order. Wholesales Distributors and Galleries may want their order paintings shipped in a roll instead of stretched. Please see our shipping page for more information.

At Orca, we keep over 5000 original oils on hand at all times.  Every shipment we get is photographed and cataloged, so that we can show you exactly what we have.  Further, if you like particular work but we are out of stock, we can usually get another one within six to eight weeks.


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Please browse our catalog.  Clicking on the pictures will search our catalog for all paintings with that description.  Be patient, we have a lot to offer.

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